What is online interior design you ask? 

Its a new way to access interior design help. The magic combination of professional design guidance and affordable prices give you the flexibility to put together your new room over time. Or implement the changes right away -- whatever works best for you. We can even work with furnishings you already own! 

Online design package specifics:
Full single room starts at $550.00 

This Package includes a 3D rendering of the proposed design, clickable shopping list on where to buy your new furnishings & specific instructions on how to set up and create your new room!

  • Upon booking this package, I will send you a questionnaire via email, where you will provide me with all the details of the room(s) you wish to have me help you decorate. This should include measurements of the space and pictures of it and surrounding areas to get a better understanding of your home and how its architectural details fit together.
  • I will then work one-on-one with you via email, or video call to create a space that meets both your practical needs and aesthetic wants. You will give me your input as to how you envision the space. Together we will create a room to match your taste.
  • I will shop online to create a project specifically tailored to your room elements for furniture, paint color, window treatments and pillows, lighting, rugs and accessories, etc.   
  • Once I’ve completed your project I will email you all files necessary for you to complete every element of the design at your own pace.

What differentiates my service from others is that you’ll have direct contact with me. Instead of just receiving a design concept board -- like most services of this kind offer. Should any questions or concerns arise, I will be there to guide you. Together we have all the resources we need to transform any average room into your dream room, and we can do that with your budget in mind.